How does boosting work?

We play on your account until your desired League/Division or Net Wins are met.

Can I trust you guys with my account?

It is understandable to question a service that requires your account information.

We are Diamond rated players looking to help you get to the Elo you deserve! We have many threads across the internet with fantastic reputation and hope to continue to provide our excellent service. I don't trust boosters who I wouldn't trust with my own account information.

How long will it take to boost my account?

Generally we complete one division per day. It usually takes 24 hours for your account to get assigned to a booster. (Processing time varies with workload)

What if I place an order but feel like playing on my account later?

We have no problem with you playing on your account, but your order may not be completed as fast if you decide to do so. Also it is asked to notify us before hand so we do not get kicked out of games due to this.

Is using your service safe for my account?

None of our customers have ever been banned and we take your accounts safety very seriously. We take many precautions to ensure account safety.

Can I request that you guys play certain roles or champions on my account?

Certainly! Please let us know in the notes your requested Roles/Champions.

How does this work?

Accounts are created using your specific referral link. They are then leveled to the chosen level (5 or 10) You will then be able to redeem rewards through the League of Legends Rewards Page.

How long does it usually take?

We complete all referrals in under 24 hours although the rewards may not update for up to 48 hours on the rewards page.

What information do you need from me to start?

We need your specific referral link from the League of Legends Rewards Page.

Are Referrals Safe?

This is against the terms of service so there is a chance of the rewards being removed and possible disciplinary action being taken. This is the safest referral program on the market. Referrals are done using unique proxies and an exclusive private script. Accounts are also made with real looking names, date of birth, and emails.